How I gave my bedroom a complete makeover for under $300

I have had the same bedroom furniture for over 15 years.  There isn’t anything wrong with it and I still absolutely love it.  It isn’t from IKEA so I naturally feel like I own “grown up” furniture.  (I’m not bashing anyone who shops at IKEA.  I shop there, myself (as you’ll see below), but it is very common for people to buy their furniture from there since their prices are so low.)


I started debating on whether I should sell it and buy something new.  I felt like it was looking too dark and heavy and I honestly was just ready for a change.

I asked myself, “Self, what exactly is it that you’re wanting?”

I wanted something white, lighter, calmer, unique and especially something nautical.  Well, the furniture itself is already pretty unique and I genuinely didn’t want to get rid of any of it.

I decided to try painting it instead of selling it, you know, to rekindle the love for my furniture.  I went to Home Depot and bought a gallon of white paint (less than $30) and a quart of navy blue paint (less than $15).  While I was there, I bought four crates that were on sale for less than $8 each.  I’ll explain my use for those shortly!


My mumsey decided to help me tackle the project of painting everything so she spent the weekend with me.  I took off work half a day on Friday so we could get an early start.  That day, we started by sanding everything then wiped it down with a wet rag.  This was to get the shin off and to give the paint something to hold onto and to keep it from peeling off in the future.  We woke up early on Saturday and started working with the blue paint.  I wanted that to be the accent color.  We agreed that it would save time if we did most of the work free-handed, except for on the mirror.  This took lots of patience and steady hands.  Beer may have been involved but it’s not required in order to complete this project.


Unfortunately, the drawers do not come out so it made everything a little more frustrating.  We put two coats of the blue on since you could still see the original wood under the first coat.

We were on a roll with how quickly we were getting everything painted and we decided to skip lunch.  This isn’t recommended but we both wanted to get this tedious task done sooner rather than later.  We set a goal to get the first coat of white paint on before we called it quits for the day.

I never knew how much of a workout it is having to paint this much furniture.  Bending up and down, constantly changing positions the whole day.  It can definitely take a toll on your body.

Funny little side-track story:  We had to move my ridiculously heavy dresser into the living room and it was really quite a lot of work.  Every time I move to a new house, I get two guys to move it because I can only take three baby steps before I need to put it down again.  Once we were finished with everything and we were setting my furniture back up, we realized that our muscles had the entire weekend to build back up, so we were shocked and a little entertained at the fact that we only had to put the dresser down two times.

So, we ended that day meeting our goal of getting the first coat of white paint on.  That made it so that all we had to do the final day was the last coat of paint and moving everything back into my room.

Not shown in the previous photos is my bedroom “closet”.  Basically all of my clothes are kept either in my dresser or on a clothes organizer/wardrobe hanger thing (whatever you want to call it!).  I decided to switch my wardrobe and dresser in hopes of it making my bedroom appear bigger.  As you can see in the photo below, my dresser is in a different location and you can slightly see my clothes in the mirror.


I’m a firm believer that colors, textures, positions of things, etc. all have an effect on our moods.  The painting of my bedroom furniture completely changed my moods.  I felt calmer and more positive.  My stress level lowered a lot.

The only thing left in my room that was stressing me out was my wardrobe.  For the most part, my organizer was…well, organized.  At least as much as I could get it to be.  The many different colors of clothes created a high energy, high anxiety focus in my room.  This was something I was determined to change.  All I kept telling myself is, “I need a way to hide all of this.”  So that’s exactly what I did.


I got my dad to custom make me a shelf to lay across the top.  Attached to the shelf, he included a detachable curtain rod.  I was told it cost him roughly $80 for the shelf and all the parts to make it.

The following weekend, my mom came over for a day to make curtains for my wardrobe.  I bought extra long ivory curtains from IKEA ($20) and she hemmed a bunch off the bottoms which she used to make a small side curtain.

Remember those crates I was going to explain to you?  Well, my mom helped me sand them and put the first coat of paint on them and while she was working on the curtains, I put the second coat on.  The crates were raw wood which soaked up a lot of the paint and since I worked on those outside, they dried very quickly.

Since my plans were to use the crates to store a bunch of my yarn and crochet projects, my mom also made linen liners that I later glued (with a hot glue gun) to the insides of them.

Crates with liners:


Painted crates with custom made curtains hung in the background:


I didn’t paint the insides of the crates because where I was going to keep them stored at, no one would really be able to tell the difference and I also wanted to save on paint (to use for future projects, duh!).

And this is the transformation of my wardrobe:


Additional photos:



In addition to changing my furniture and wardrobe, I bought a new pillow ($10) and a duvet cover which came with two pillow cases ($40).

duvet and pillow

 I also bought an accent pillow ($13)


And a throw ($30).


So the total cost to give my room a brand new look was right around $270, and that includes the shelf/curtain rod that my dad made for me as a gift.


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